Have a Sexy Summer Season!

When I was younger it seemed like I would frequently break up with someone around May or June and then wind up dating a new person come September. I explained this as the summer camp syndrome. You know like when you had that camp boyfriend and 8 weeks seemed like a long term relationship. You just didn’t know how you would live through the school year without him. Then September and BOOM, new guys, colder weather and bye-bye camp romance.

When you meet somebody new in the summer it’s all about late nights, long walks, outdoor cafes, outdoor concerts, the woods, the pool, the beach.  And sex just about anywhere, anytime. I mean try taking your clothes off in the woods on a Chicago January day. Quite a few sunburns happened from not wanting to leave that beach blanket. (I have to remember that a sunscreen massage can be nice too)

So get on those apps and swipe away. It’s a great time to send out some love vibes before the next winter comes.  I wish you a wonderful summer full of romance, sunshine and starry nights.

My advice for the summer season…enjoy the glow and always carry lube, condoms and sunscreen.


It’s the summer season! And for me it means taking some time off and going on vacation. When I travel, I prefer to travel abroad and I don’t mind traveling alone. I love to get outside of my comfort zone and experience another culture, different cuisines, exotic places, hear other languages and have some adventures which, of course, includes meeting a new man or two. 

Now I am not talking about randomly meeting some man in a bar, I am talking about planning ahead and “meeting” someone potentially interesting in advance. How is this possible? The magic of Tinder, which is one of the most widely used global dating apps.

Tinder’s paid option enables you to have “I Dream of Jeannie” super-powers and will make you look like you are, for example, sipping café au lait at a bistro in Paris even though you are sitting on your couch drinking Starbucks in Chicago.

So here’s the plan before any vacation – domestic or abroad. Two weeks before your scheduled departure, geo-locate Tinder to your destination. Start swiping. Start chatting. Find yourself a couple good options (in case one falls through or you don’t like them when you meet – you are in control here). Do your homework. “Snoop” around and make sure this is a good guy. Get to know them a bit. And make plans! You may find a local tour guide (and a much richer experience with the culture), company for dinner and a brief affair which can be quite hot when you both know time is limited. You may also end up with a new international friend. I have stayed in touch with men I have met abroad and it’s very fun to still get a text now and then from them. A little reminiscence of our time together and of my vacation.

Travel! And have fun this summer! And I’ll echo Cheryl’s words – always, always carry lube, condoms and sunscreen. You need to be safe and take good care of yourself.

Xo, Anne

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