What They Say About Anne

“Entertaining and educational, Anne gives women the tools and inspiration to embrace their sexuality. Whether recently divorced or never married, it’s an affirmation for women (regardless of age) to take control of their sexual desires; offering guidance and tips on how to use some of today’s most popular apps to meet willing and enjoyable partners (including important reminders to keep you safe!). I would highly recommend, especially for women who may be skeptical of today’s mobile matchmaking for sex – Anne will help you realize the benefits!” – Amazon Customer

“An empowering read that should set anyone looking for renewed sexual self-confidence, appetite and FUN well on their way! Through the information-packed chapters, you get the sense that you’re having a conversation with a trusted friend. Just as you think, “No I couldn’t!” or “What about …” , Ms. Grey is there with the answer or a story that hits the nail on the head. The Tales from Tinder are clever and reveal a side that lets you know Ms. Grey has truly walked the walk. You’ll enjoy the journey with her and will find the courage to make plans for your own!” – Amazon Customer

What They Say About Cheryl/G Boutique

“J’adore G Boutique!  It’s the classy way to get your sex shop on.  If you’re not feeling the trashtastic places like Batteries Not Included and Lovers Lane for toys and bachelorette gifts or if you’re in the market for some lingerie guaranteed to make your guy’s heart race, you need to head over to G Boutique.” – Angie M. via Yelp

“Did you know that glycerine is a form of sugar that a lot of water-based lubricants use to create the slickness? Did you know that sugar causes yeast infections? I had never thought about it, but the knowledgeable salesperson informed me of this. No more KY for me! Sliquid is the lube she recommended. It is water-based and comes in different flavors. I bought the pink lemonade one and want to drink it – it is very tasty (and vegan)!

G Boutique has a lovely atmosphere complete with 2 gorgeous grey and blue love birds that greeted me when I came in. The staff are happy to answer any questions and will point you in the direction of new things you may never have considered before. Give it a try if you can.” – Sarah M. via Yelp

“G Boutique has a beautiful selection of higher end lingerie, bras, pajamas, toys, books and videos. The staff always makes you feel welcome and comfortable asking questions. This is a truly classy place. The quality of the products can’t be matched, but the prices reflect that as well.” – Robyn T. via Yelp

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