How to Take the Perfect Selfie

The selfie has become an art form and you are the artist. Take some time and make it work for you. Although annoying in museums, the selfie stick can be a big help in getting the right shot for your profile pic. With or without the help of the stick, your selfie needs to reflect who you really are. Here are a few tips:

  1. Find your light. This is the most important aspect of photography in general. If you don’t know what light is best, move around and look at the camera. Natural light is best. No flashes. Take a few shots and pay attention. You’ll figure it out.
  2. Look up at the camera. Stretch your neck up and relax your shoulders. Also try looking at an angle.
  3. Although the regular camera is a better camera, I prefer the front camera for selfies. I like to see what’s going on.
  4. My best piece of advice is to think of something that makes you happy and smile with your eyes, your mouth and your heart.

Have fun with this. Take a lot of pics. Try serious, sultry and silly. Once you have taken a shot that pleases you, go ahead and pick a filter that you like. Crop the shot to feature your face and run it by a friend to make sure it reveals a little bit of your personality.

Don’t stress about your selfie. Have fun with it and take a new one every few weeks. You’ll keep getting more and more comfortable and selfie savvy. Oh…bonus tip: Want those pouty, kissing lips? Try lightly blowing air through your lips when you snap the shot.

Have a great time with this and post your selfies in our group. TTYS


Well, you know I am going to take this subject in an entirely different direction… Let’s talk sexting selfies! So, sexting (texting using suggestive language or sending sexy pics back and forth) can be totally hot. But it’s not for everyone. And if this is outside of your comfort zone, don’t do it. I recommend sexting primarily in an ongoing relationship with someone you trust. Some men love it. Some do not. So I NEVER take the lead on this. If men are into it, they will make the first move. Trust me.

So per Cheryl’s tips, the selfie stick comes in totally handy. Put on a sexy bra and panties, and shoot from a high angle above your head (will show your cleavage and will make you look sexier). Avoid your face in the photos (even though you trust this guy, revenge porn is a thing – even though this isn’t porn – you know what I mean). Or dim the lights and shoot a full body selfie in front of a full-length mirror with the camera in front of your face. I managed to do this one fully naked but because it’s dark, you can’t see anything. Only my curves… I think it’s fun to keep some mystery, but tease. And as always, filters are your friend!

Be careful. Use that selfie-stick. Have fun!


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