Have a Sexy Summer Season!

When I was younger it seemed like I would frequently break up with someone around May or June and then wind up dating a new person come September. I explained this as the summer camp syndrome. You know like when you had that camp boyfriend and 8 weeks seemed like a long term relationship. You

Are You Worried About Your Reputation?

Anne posted this piece on her blog a few weeks ago and she received many responses. We think this is an important conversation to keep going, so this week instead of our usual joint blog post we are reposting: Are You Worried About Your Reputation? On Friday I recorded a podcast interview for divorceforce.com. I have

Getting Back Into Sex Again

Oh I have so much to say about this… First of all, you deserve to be loved and honored like the goddess you are and that includes  the most profound pleasure there is…sex. So now, about that fear and awkwardness after it hasn’t been happening for a while. Your best guide to pleasure is your

Sex Toys for Couples?

For many years I taught improvisation. As an improv teacher, the biggest hurdle is helping adults retrieve their sense of play from their 5 year old selves. With an active and present sense of play, actors, students and just about anybody learn to be more attached and in synch with the person they are playing

Friend Sex

Just last night I listened to a podcast about the culture of hook-ups. What exactly does it mean to hook-up? According to author Peggy Ornstein, the real change in the culture of college aged people is that they frequently have sex first, then relationships. The “hook-up” , “… can mean anything really. It can mean
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