G Spot Sex Positions for Everyone

Yes you do have a g spot. Really. We all do. It’s about an inch or two inside your vagina on the anterior (front) wall. It feels bumpy while the rest of the vaginal wall feels smooth. It’s spongy and, like the clitoris, it expands when stimulated. The infamous g spot orgasm is different things to different people. Btw- only about 35% of women are having (or know they are having) a g spot orgasm. I’m telling you this because if you only have clitoral orgasms no matter what…that’s OK…it’s perfectly normal. However, many women think they’ve never had a g spot orgasm when they actually have.  It usually takes some clitoral stimulation to warm you up and maybe even to have an orgasm.

When your g spot is stimulated and enlarged, it puts pressure on your urethra. So, if you have ever had an amazing urge to pee while you’re having sex and then you run to the washroom and not very much comes out, well, that was your g spot. Next time work through that feeling and see what happens. A g spot orgasm may be:

  • Just a little bit more awesome than your regular everyday awesome orgasm. Let’s face it, all orgasms are awesome.
  • So mind-blowing that you won’t know what just happened.
  • That time when you squirt across the room and make a big orgasmic mess. (It’s fine)

Want to try for the g spot during sex? The easiest way is for your partner to use their hand. Two fingers rocking back and forth and side to side about 2-3 inches inside your vagina should get everything going.

Ready for the more difficult way? If nothing else, it’s always fun to try new positions. If you’re straddling him on top, lean back a bit to help guide his penis to your spot. Also rear-entry is good for g spot stimulation. Best if you are able to rest on your elbows, butt in the air so your body makes a triangle.  If you’re on the bottom try putting your legs straight up and resting them on his shoulders or laying on your side with him on his knees. Spooning position is another good one for hitting that sacred spot.

One thing is for sure, you are going to have to guide him and control the motion for your ultimate pleasure. So, I strongly recommend doing a little search and discover on your own first. You may not need internal vibration and it may over stimulate your g spot. Whichever g spot toy you choose, start without vibration and add a little at a time if needed. Probably best to have something handy for clitoral stimulation as well. Some toys I like are Lelo Ella, the Crystal WandLelo Gigi, Nalone Rhythm (inside and outside vibrate independent of each other and it vibes to your music).

Remember to have fun discovering your body. Pleasure is awesome in so many ways. What’s the worst thing that can happen, a lot of giggling in bed? What’s wrong with that.

XO Cheryl

And if you want more detailed g spot info, download our Grown-up Women’s Guide to your G Spot!!

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