Does Size Matter?

Does size matter? Well yes…and no. It’s kind of like the 3 Little Bears. The medium, average 6” to 7” penis fits just right for a lot of women. The big ones can be painful and the small ones better come with a pretty talented lover because you can barely feel them. Perfect size is not always what you get . It’s hard to know this info in advance. Most dating apps don’t have a line for penis size. So what do you do when faced with a larger or smaller than average penis?

Large penises require even more lube. Stay on top so you control the penetration and be honest with yourself. If it hurts or he goes too deep, stop and talk about it. You may have to get a little creative to stay safe. You may think that a guy with a large penis is proud of his size but, most surveys tell us that too large can be as embarrassing as too small so, go easy on him.

Small penises are definitely an ego squasher for a lot of men. If you like the guy try to assure him that you are willing to try and work with what he’s got. Use a very thin lube, you want as much friction as possible. Doggie style will give you deeper penetration. Also, he might try a penis extension sleeve or experiment with using a vibrator during insertion.

The most important thing is to be honest with yourself and your partner. If it’s just not going to work, well then move on. If you are ready and willing to explore different techniques then go for it. Maybe guys with smaller penises are really good at oral sex. That works.

What a lovely, grown-up world we live in. Explore, explore….

XO Cheryl

Confession. I am kind of scared of men with large penises. I just don’t need a big cock and I don’t seek one. All of my most fulfilling sexual relationships have been with men who have what I would call average-size penises. And yet, some women love a man with a huge cock. Just the other night, I was chatting with a girlfriend who confessed this to me and had the dick pics to back it up. Wow. Just as every woman and man has different shaped and sized parts, we also have different preferences. And the good news is that whatever size parts you may encounter, there are ways to sort out a fulfilling sex life together.

If you do happen to meet a man who is large, there are certain positions that can make it manageable. Take it slow. Try woman on top. Use lots of lube. Relax. Whatever you do, don’t try doggy-style! This allows for the deepest penetration and can cause him to bump up against your cervix, which is painful.

And if you meet a man who is large, don’t worry that he is going to ruin you for other men or stretch you out. In a day or so, your vagina will go back to it’s natural size. Promise! Give it a try and have fun.

xo, Anne

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