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Alternative Sex for Grown-up Women

I’d like to talk a little bit about consent here. Consent is the foundation of the BDSM community. Safe, sane & consensual…risk aware consensual kink….it’s all consent and it’s what the kink community spends so much time talking about, teaching and policing. What is consent? It means to voluntarily communicate “yes” in a situation. Voluntarily

Foreplay Tips for Grown-up Women

I refer to that all-day kind of foreplay as pre-play. It’s so important and definitely gets you in the mood. Those looks and texts and messages all get your oxytocin flowing and naturally roll into a sexual adventure. But what about when you actually start doing it? This is the foreplay I would like to

Does Size Matter?

Does size matter? Well yes…and no. It’s kind of like the 3 Little Bears. The medium, average 6” to 7” penis fits just right for a lot of women. The big ones can be painful and the small ones better come with a pretty talented lover because you can barely feel them. Perfect size is

Sex Toys for Couples?

For many years I taught improvisation. As an improv teacher, the biggest hurdle is helping adults retrieve their sense of play from their 5 year old selves. With an active and present sense of play, actors, students and just about anybody learn to be more attached and in synch with the person they are playing
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